If you love deeply, you’re going to get hurt badly. But it’s still worth it.

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my favorite time of year is when all the bugs start to die

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This my older sister Chloe and her boyfriend Ryan. They have been dating for 2 years and won cutest couple award for senior year. This weekend was supposed to be the time of their lives. This weekend was prom. The morning of prom Ryan went to the Emergency Room because he was throwing up all night and couldn’t hold down water. It turned out that his kidneys were inflamed and he was dehydrated. He wouldn’t be leaving the hospital until Monday. The night that my sister dreamed of and planned for months was destroyed. She cried all morning and there wasn’t anything I could do to make her feel better. After a few hours she decided that she was going to dress up and visit him in the hospital. When we got to the hospital we ran in search of his room. Finally we arrived and Ryan’s face immediately lit up. Ryan couldn’t move much but he hugged her anyways. Chloe pinned his flower on his gown. They took pictures together posing and kissing and laughing. They held hands, talked, smiled and laughed. At one point they were just smiling at each other, like they were the only people in the room. They looked like the happiest people in the world. This was that moment. The moment when they just lovingly looked into each others eyes and smiled. The moment when all the bad things that were going on vanished. The moment when, this was the time of their life. This is what she dreamed of all her life. This is what he wanted to give her for so long. This was the moment when you saw, what true love really is.

Love says: I’ve seen the ugly parts of you, and I’m staying.

-Matt Chandler (via starryeyedbride)

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